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Life Coaching Services

Contact Don for a Free 20-30 minute telephone consultation to see if life coaching and consulting is right for you. Don provides Coaching services in and around Jefferson City and Mid-Missouri as well on the Internet to those who are over 18 years of age. Coaching is focused on setting and achieving goals. They may be associated with specific issues such as help with material in Don’s books, memberships, programs, and audios as well as consultations about the do’s and don’ts for coping with an addicted or otherwise impaired family member.

How Much Does Life & Recovery Coaching Cost?

We ask that you look at your goals, then your budget. Once you determine your goals are worth it, decide how much you can afford each month. Next contact me by telephone or email. Or make an appointment online in the Scheduler on the Home page. We have many options, services, and resources available to design a plan that fits your individual needs and budget.

We can draw from any combination of the following resources:

  • Telephone, Chat, Skype Calls
  • Online Virtual Office Sessions
  • Online “Work on your own” Programs with multimedia tools
  • Email sessions to compliment other tools
  • Journaling program and assignments
  • Video and Audio tools
  • Any of the above tools that involve live contact with Don or Angie are $90/hr (pro-rated for 20, 40, 60, and 90 minute sessions)
  • Availability: By Appointment Only. (Evening and weekend appointments no longer available.)
  • Forms of payment: PayPal ~ All payments are due at the time of service.

If your resources allow it, you may also want to call to arrange 3-day or 5-day in-office marathon session.
Contact Me for more information and/or arrange a free telephone consultation to discuss possibilities.

Contact Don or Set an Appointment Online

Use the Live Chat (upper right) to discuss it right now or to leave Don a message if not available. Alternatively, you may set an initial Phone Consultation in the Scheduler on the Home page or simply call (573) 634-2254 to arrange a free initial telephone consultation.

Coaching and Consultation for Practice Development

Don is also available for web development projects to help therapists, coaches, related healthcare professionals and service-oriented small businesses. It is becoming more and more important to be available and visible on the Internet. But that by itself is no longer enough!

We need to be able to have more than a glorified brochure online. We need to be able to communicate in real time, engage people who may have questions, offer ways to make things easier for our clients, and be present where they are – on the Internet. This website is a prototype I designed to be both functional and aesthetic. Take a look around and read my article on the current state of affairs for service oriented small business owners.


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