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Join one of our self-development Recovery Programs and get more information, tools, therapy, direction, structure and healing than you would in dozens of individual counseling sessions. The worst thing about being a therapist who wants to help as many people as he can is hearing someone say – “I can’t afford it.” Or having to say, “Sorry, I don’t take insurance and payment is due at the time of service.”

Most of us do more than our fair share of pro-bono work, so I am not the only one who feels the pain of the above scenario. Well, after 28 years helping others and 10 years learning the Internet I have developed several programs, digital products, and coaching services to provide the structure and tools that people need without having to mortgage their furture to do it – all of them under the price of one therapy session!

These products and membership programs are not meant to take the place of professional counseling, but to suppliment a therapy episode. Self-directed people who have already had periods of counseling can take these tools and run with them. Therapists who simply cannot squeeze in enough help in an hour a week can use them to provide structure and therapy assingments for their clients.

Below are brief descriptions of each membership program, but to find out much more, be sure to click on the links to go to their respective pages:

Thawing Childhood Abandonment Issues Membership: This program is for those doing the “Inner Child” work of grieving the loses involved in growing up in a less-than-nurturing family. There are more than 60 MP3 audios and MP4 videos that suppliment the Journaling and self-assessment exercises.

Thawing the Inner Family of Self eCourse: This membership program is for those who want to evaluate, explore, and connect their past to the symptoms of dysfunction in their present lives. This eCourse, like all our membership programs, has a one time payment with NO recurring fees. It is loaded with videos and audios to help identify, dig up, and release the roots of abandonment and/or toxic shame.

Thawing the Iceberg Series: The Iceberg Model is the core of my approach to understanding and healing chilhood wounds. The model makes up the first several chapters of each of the four books so you can buy them separately as well. Almost 80 audios and videos come with the books. Enter your name and email on the right panel to download a free copy of “The Iceberg” eBook.

Serenity Cafe’ Lifetime Membership: Get online and download access to all of the above and almost everything in the Serenity Creations eStore by becoming a member of the Serenity Cafe’ Membership Programs – all for the price of one counseling session! There are three membership programs (and more to come), tons of audios and videos with (more to come!)


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